Toyota falls behind VW in global sales

Lucy Hill
February 1, 2017

In 2016 Japanese automaker Toyota sold 10.175 million vehicles globally falling a bit short of the numbers that VW posted globally of 10.31 million. In 2015, Toyota sold 10.15 million units, while Volkswagen was a close second with 9.93 million vehicles sold while GM was at third position with 9.8 million units.

Though VW coveted the crown for years, having set its sights on the title by 2018, don't expect to see a festive celebration after the company was engulfed in a global emissions scandal.

Toyota sales were up 0.2 percent while Volkswagen saw a gain of 3.8 percent, according to Automotive News. The Japan-based vehicle firm had held on to the top spot for four years in a row after retaking it from US automaker General Motors (GM) in 2012.

Toyota's success came via its vehicles built outside of Japan.

Although it has taken a decade, Volkswagen has clearly dethroned Toyota as the world's largest carmaker.

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The company recently agreed to pay some $22 billion in settlements and plead guilty to criminal charges in the USA over its admission that it rigged diesel vehicles with software to cheat emissions regulations.

Nissan's global sales increased 2.5% to a record high of 5.55 million cars, due to large increases in emerging markets like China and Mexico.

"In the United States, now a sluggish growth market, with overall industry sales on par with those of 2015 and 2014, the Volkswagen Group experienced reduced sales by 2.6%, while competitors such as Daimler were able to retain their market share". It last time topped the ranking in 2011 after Toyota's production was hurt by a huge quake and tsunami in north-eastern Japan.

"We made strides in resolving and overcoming the diesel crisis and. we managed to stabilise operating business in hard conditions", he said. CNN Notes that after Donald Trump's threat, the Japanese government and Toyota highlighted the important links between the U.S. economy and Japan's automobile industry. It is a notable achievement for the company which sold 10.3 million automobiles last year, up 3.8 percent from a year earlier.

Volkswagen has overtaken Toyota Motor Corporation to become the world's best-selling automaker.

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