This is what Federation Internationale de Football Association on Nintendo Switch looks like

Lynne Hanson
February 16, 2017

Casual get-togethers up to eight players can have the chance to enjoy a quick game through the previously revealed local wireless connection.

Nintendo has been on a roll lately with the marketing of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has indicated that they're not ruling out the possibility of adding VR to the Switch, but they don't seem ready to dive in quite yet. The dismal sales performance of the Wii U taught Nintendo invaluable lessons-lessons that Satoru Iwata took to heart and used to create the Switch's early "NX" prototype stages.

Now the one thing I'm curious about is how well the latency MS are between actions and read times.

Electronic Arts might have pulled out of Nintendo Wii U development soon into its lifespan but it is one of the publishers committed to supporting Switch. Apparently the right mixture of music, sound bites and clips managed to win over additional Nintendonites as opposed to the original unveiling. But as part of the 4.15 update, Unreal is also getting native support for Nintendo's upcoming hybrid handheld/home Switch console.

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This would suggest that the EA Sports team could be looking to launch the game around the same window as Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 on PS4 and Xbox One (plus older consoles should EA continue to support them).

In the video we can see briefly that this will be the first installment of "FIFA" developed by EA Sports for this console, and we see not only a few moments of the game, but we also see how Hazard celebrates a goal with the Chelsea shirt.

According to Gamespot, Splatoon 2's demo revealed some details about the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo needs to make a new category if they do go VC, and we can probably expect it to be pricier than the Nintendo 64 baseline of $9.99.

You'd have to be going full Nintendo fanboy ostrich to have missed that there's a paucity of release games for the Nintendo Switch, particularly third-party ones. Admittedly, the spectator mode isn't something I really care about.

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