Nintendo eShop purchases will finally be tied to Nintendo Accounts

Lynne Hanson
February 18, 2017

It follows news that Nintendo Switch fans have been treated to gameplay footage from two upcoming blockbuster games. We have to wait for the official reveal video from Nintendo before we can get further confirmation about the features that are supported by the OS for Switch. After selecting the preferred language, the user has to select the current region that he is in, America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, or Japan. The Nintendo Switch system settings allow you to adjust brightness, screen lock, data, internet + parental controls, amiibo, users, mii characters, and even offers a black theme for those who don't like bright screens burning their eyes. This essentially means that some Nintendo Switch units, possibly more, are now running amok in the wild, two weeks before it officially hits shelves. When users add a Nintendo Account, there games will be bonded to that account, meaning they can restore them easily if they need to reset or delete the game entirely.

Every Switch user will get to choose a name and an icon, the console itself can hold more than one account. The console's portable mode lets gamers play by removing detachable Joy-Con controllers.

As per another report by Game Revolution, GameStop has also lined up its own bundle for Nintendo Switch.

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In a recently posted Nintendo Switch unboxing video, a line of text can be seen that explains games can be re-downloaded using the same account. There's also a main-screen news section, which shows off some of the latest game releases and trailers. He can also see the Nintendo eShop but he cannot access it yet because Nintendo has not yet activated it.

Anticipation for the gaming console has been very warm. Other options include controller configurations, photo mode, system settings and a power button.

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