Spotify Readies New Higher-Quality Streaming Audio

Janie Parker
March 3, 2017

A number of USA users have reported being offered the chance to try Spotify Hi-Fi, some at an additional $5 a month, others for $10.

Spotify is seemingly prepping a high quality audio version of its service, because that worked out brilliantly for Tidal, didn't it? Signing up might also get audiophiles a free vinyl and discounts on future vinyl purchases. The charge for a normal Spotify subscription is between five and ten dollars a month. A few Reddit sources, however, couldn't access the new tier even when prompted with it - either they were told it wasn't available in their area or they received an error message upon enabling the plan. As more people have come on board, Spotify and Apple Music are emerging as the early leaders.

Apple Music, Spotify and TIDAL all have different characteristics or elements that help differentiate their music-streaming service from each other.

Hi-Fi tracks, or lossless audio, are audio files that do not lose any data in compression, which results in higher-quality playback.

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Music streaming service Spotify announced another major milestone Thursday, revealing on Twitter that it now has 50 million paying subscribers.

Whilst it appears the leak to certain users was unintentional it looks to be part of an A/B test to test their pricing strategy with the new tier. There is no official statement yet from Spotify except to say they are always testing new products and services.

It's a move that makes a lot of sense for Spotify, as the music streaming arena becomes more and more congested and competitive Spotify need to set themselves apart.

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