Michelle Obama Praises Chance the Rapper for $1 Million CPS Donation

Jay Jacobs
March 8, 2017

Chance's announcement comes on the heels of a meeting he had with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner to discuss CPS funding.

This is why, when IL state Governor Bruce Rauner took to twitter to praise the Chicagoan for winning big in what has come to be known the ultimate music achievement, Chance used his voice to ask for a meeting with him to talk about the plight of Chicago's schools.

He shared that plan in a press conference on Monday, March 6 using live feeds on Instagram and Twitter, the CPS graduate said that nothing would stop him from supporting Chicago's most valuable resource: children. In December, Rauner vetoed a $215 million funding bill meant that would have helped Chicago Public Schools pay out their pensions. One million dollars won't cure CPS's budgetary woes, but it will certainly help and, as Michelle Obama tweeted, it's "an example of the power of arts education".

Unless Chicago's schools get more state money, school district officials have said they will end school June 1 instead of June 20 to save $91 million.

Bernarde, the UberX driver who took me to the school from another part of the South Side and had heard about Chance's press conference on the radio, said it well: "Look at what other celebrities do to stay famous - Kim Kardashian posing naked or Kanye saying something insane on Ellen - and then you see what Chance is doing to build on his momentum". When asked by reporters what his message to the governor was, Chance said, "Take our kids off the table". "Our kids should not be held hostage because of political positioning".

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Chance the Rapper has always been an activist and has made appeals to end Chicago's street violence. Hopefully Chance's selfless actions will inspire Kanye to take a break from making love to his own ego and do the same.

The rapper also called on wealthy Chicagoans to step up and donate to the city's schools. "[.] Chance the Rapper brought national attention to the school district's money woes following a meeting with the governor on Friday".

He also posted, "Chicago Public Schools and I did not lose today. I'm not a politician".

He closed out the conference with saying, "Gov. Rauner, do your job".

The Chicago Public School (CPS) system is facing a funding gap of £200m meaning thousands of staff could be laid off or schools could close 13 school days earlier than scheduled.

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