The Walking Dead 7.12 - "Say Yes"

Jay Jacobs
March 8, 2017

The episode picked up with Rick and Michonne scavenging for guns. They crash land inside one of the buildings on the carnival grounds and get way more than they bargained for. Possibly for food. However, Rick loses his grip and falls right into the walkers' laps.

We finally got a few great zombies and more guts and gore than we have had since the death of Abraham and Glenn. And he seems to be convinced that one or both of them could die in the conflict, although he wasn't very convincing when he claimed that he or Michonne could carry on without the other. This week turns comedic as Rick and Michonne take a day off to have a date at the county fair.

Trouble strikes a second time when Rick gets distracted by a deer in the distance.

This little deer was in grave danger of being mauled into a frenzy by zombies, so Rick climbed a ferris wheel to shoot it, out of mercy. She's not ready to give up on life yet. The deer, however, isn't so lucky.

That episode of The Walking Dead definitely had its complexities, but the real message to TWD fans was that Eugene has turned his back on Rick and the core group, thus serving Negan only. Rick addresses the snafu that nearly cost him his life, revealing that his guilt has been keeping him up. I get people from 18 years old to 88 stopping me in the street, thinking I'm the character, and going, "When are you going to kill Negan?!" She said, "I had a gun". If it's my fault you're alive then I'll live with that. I can lose you. Comments forums blew up with people saying, "Who talks like that?" along with people remarking it's too early on in the apocalypse for a group to be that insane. It's not about us anymore.

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With that, the couple heads back to The Scavengers' trash fortress to present Jadis (Pollyanna Macintosh) and her silent band of soldiers with their haul. Rick suggests that they take their time killing the zombies and taking their guns. In her conversation with Tara early on, she remarks on the issue of finding that many guns, which makes quite a bit of sense given the current point in this post-apocalyptic world. Sure, defeating Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors stands out as the most important and immediate goal.

From its sickeningly dark start, this season of "The Walking Dead" has had some wild tonal swings. In one, Rick delivers the cache of guns and ammo that he and Michonne almost lost their lives procuring for the Scavengers, and the junkyard-dwellers' leader Jadis responds with her usual quirky terseness, "Need almost twice". He agrees, but not everyone likes this idea.

As Serratos stated, fans aren't used to Rosita having a voice. The chemistry is better here, and Danai Gurira owns the scene as well as she owns the battlefield, letting a tender side show just enough for us to understand that there is love here. The duo made a pact to take down Negan together. There's something nearly charmingly normal about all this; they go hunting, they find a couple of Saviors and steal their shit (and kill them, I'm guessing, although we don't see it happen).

- "Or we could just go". It culminates when Rick's final offer is followed by him telling her to "Say yes".

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. Tara is more sympathetic, and her decision has a more immediate impact on future events (I mean, it's possible that Sasha and Rosita will pull off their plan, but war seems a lot more likely), but it's still a relief that we didn't have to spend too much time with her worrying about what to do.

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