How The Vampire Diaries Was Originally Supposed to End

Jay Jacobs
March 12, 2017

Now that The Vampire Diaries has breathed its last breath (or didn't, seeing as, well, vampires), its stars are looking back on their fondest memories on set - and they want to share them with their dedicated fans who are just as emotional about the series coming to an end as they are. "8 years ago, this fool and I boarded a plane to Vancouver to shoot a pilot", wrote the actress, who left the show after season 6 but returned for the finale. However, in the TV Universe, what makes all that easier is a bit of a ratings bump - and that's what the 9 PM series finale of TVD delivered as well, both in the key demo and in total viewership. Season two is genre storytelling at its best, with constant twists and turns, great villains, and plenty of surprise stabbings to keep things interesting. It felt like we had this awesome little secret, no one had seen Vampire Diaries yet.

What do you think of the alternate ending to The Vampire Diaries? As Klaus later said, "Crazy or not, that kind of love never dies". From the first audition, to the screen tests, to the fang fittings, to the time you made me a vampire, killed me (multiple times), brought me back to life (multiple times), put me into a coma and then brought me back one final time'. The second it appears that Damon is going to be the one to sacrifice himself for Stefan it's obvious the final twist will be that Stefan will be the one sacrificing himself instead, and in the end, that feels right. How would Elena wake up?

The finale wrapped up many storylines, including the fate of all the couples.

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As Collider pointed out in their own analysis of things other shows could learn from the show's finale, as with any series, if you know what you are best at, then this is what should be doubled down on. Both Bonnie and Caroline ended the series having lost their true loves-and, thankfully, both seemed largely at peace with where their life ended up. Bonnie lived out her life by traveling all over the world, just as she and Enzo had planned. Caroline started a boarding school for supernatural kids, which is honestly totally odd but at least feels like an active, purposeful life not spent exclusively mourning Stefan. And finally, they both meet the people they love the most. And then, Stefan's afterlife of peace saw him walk outside of Mystic Falls HS and reunite with his departed friend Lexi (Arielle Kebbel).

Between the final scene of episode 16 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries, the twists or the sacrifice of ... Nina Dobrev was the first to really make these comments on her Instagram page, pointing out that she and her fellow castmates had been through everything together over the past eight seasons, and this wasn't really "the end" for them. Damon got the girl, and was reunited with Stefan when he found peace in the afterlife.

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