Tempers Flare; Sideshow Assault On Highway 101 In San Francisco

Lynne Hanson
March 12, 2017

The sedan and the group of about 10-15 motorcyclists continue on the highway a short distance until a black vehicle stops in front of the white sedan, forcing it to stop near the exit. One witness describes seeing the bikers "physically hitting" the auto and breaking the side mirrors, as though "provoking the driver to come out".

Several witnesses shot video of the Uber driver being assaulted after he got out of his vehicle.

The video shows him falling to the ground and tumbling as one of the bikers stood over him and repeatedly punched him.

Before Alex exited his vehicle, one of the bikers in a red sweatshirt began punching the rear side windows of the Toyota.

When the bikers left, the videographer says he got out of his vehicle to help Alex.

It wasn't immediately known if the victim was driving for Uber at the time of the attack.

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Family members said the bikers attacked an innocent man who is mostly disabled by spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis.

Several of the bikers were convicted of assault, including an undercover NY police detective.

A local news station in San Francisco spoke with a witness who videotaped the incident that apears to show bikers surrounding a vehicle and forcing it to a stop. Police are searching for the biker gang.

A California Highway Patrol officer said the driver exits his vehicle on his own, while on the highway to approach one of the bikers. The witness told KNTV the bikers smashed the car's side windows and damaged its panels.

The men on dirt bikes fled the area before CHP officers arrived on scene, Williams said. When the driver attempted to get out of the vehicle, he was badly beaten, left with a broken leg before the members of what KRON 4 reports is "a known local bike gang" fled.

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