US Military: Iraqi Forces 'Trapped' ISIS In Mosul

Trevor Jackson
March 14, 2017

Brett McGurk, the senior USA official in the counter-ISIS coalition, warned Sunday that any jihadists fighters left in Mosul would die their since the ninth Iraqi army division had cut off the last road out of the city and trapped them there.

Iraqi security forces said they now control more than a third of west Mosul.

An Iraqi Shi'ite paramilitary group made the discovery after driving the militants from the Badush area where the prison is located, as part of a wider US -backed campaign to dislodge Islamic State from the city of Mosul.

McGurk also announced that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will visit Washington next week to hold discussions with US President Donald Trump on the further cooperation between two countries.

After months of intense fighting Iraqi special forces crossed into western Mosul last week, marking a decisive victory that spells the end of the terrorists' grip on the city.

"The enemy has lost its fighting power and its resolve has weakened". Since beginning the campaign in October, Iraq forces, teamed with USA -led coalition support, have recaptured eastern Mosul, along with around 30 percent of the west from outnumbered militants who are fiercely defending their last stronghold in Iraq. "It has begun to lose command and control", Saadi said.

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For weeks, Iraqi officials have sounded optimistic about the battle for Mosul, which is Iraq's second-largest city.

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One resident of Wadi Hajar district said that that a store giving out food aid exploded killing and injuring many civilians, including "young children".

A Shi'ite paramilitary spokesman said on Sunday a mass grave had been found containing the remains of "hundreds" of mainly Shi'ite inmates who were killed by Islamic State overran the Badush prison in June 2014.

As an array of forces dismantle Daesh's self-proclaimed caliphate across Iraq and Syria, more evidence is emerging of the war crimes committed by the militants, who targeted Shia civilians, religious minorities as well as countless Sunnis opposed to their ideology and methods.

Numerous mass graves date back to ISIS's initial occupation of territory in Iraq near major cities like Tikrit, Sinjar, and Mosul.

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