Trump warns Germany that trade terms may be changing

Jay Jacobs
March 19, 2017

French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday it was unacceptable for Turkey to use "Nazi" jibes to criticize Germany and other countries for banning rallies in support of President Tayyip Erdogan.

He also pushed back against the reporters' question about why he opposes "diversity" in news media by making charges of "fake news".

President Donald Trump brushed off reporters' questions on Friday about his allegations that Barack Obama wiretapped his phone, saying during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the two leaders at least have that in common.

Trade has topped the agenda during Mr. Trump and Ms. Merkel's first face-to-face meeting.

When Merkel arrived at the White House, she and Trump shook hands.

He is also expected to meet China's top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, and Xi.

Comments like that have prompted some of TrumpĀ“s fiercest critics to declare Merkel the new "leader of the free world"-a moniker normally taken up by the occupant of the White House".

The two leaders showed little common ground Friday over a host of thorny issues, including North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and defense spending.

The President insisted he had a "great" meeting with the German Chancellor in a tweet on Saturday morning.

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It's not like Trump needs to know these things, though.

"I believe that the president has clearly set out his philosophy as to what trade agreements have to bring about for the American side as well". Mr Trump is holding Mrs Merkel's hand in a very formal way as if to kiss it.

Trump singled out Merkel during his campaign and said her leadership in welcoming Syrian refugees has been a "disaster". "But this is something we will discuss", she said.

The pair also clashed about Merkel's refugee policy, which contrasts sharply with that of Trump's.

'This is not a financial transaction, where North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries pay the USA to defend them.

Merkel said Germany had committed to increasing its military spending to two percent of GDP, a target North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member states formally agreed in 2014 to reach within 10 years.

Merkel was reportedly "livid" at the report, telling Obama that "she unmistakably disapproves of and views as completely unacceptable such practices".

The reporter asked Trump if he thought his "America First" policy would weaken the European Union, and why "he was so afraid" of what he called "fake news", in light of his own unsubstantiated claim that former President Obama had ordered surveillance on him.

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