Don't blame Ryan for lackluster bill

Janie Parker
March 20, 2017

"These folks were mostly no's, mostly no's yesterday, and now every single one is a yes", the president said.

"These changes definitely strengthen our number, but also show that President Trump's all-in now", House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., who attended the meeting, told reporters. "We're honored to be here to represent the conservatives and to work with the president and vice president for all communities of the American people".

He's powered through a politically troubling report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office that estimates that more people could be uninsured by this bill than became insured under Obamacare. "So, that is something that I think in Congress you'll see probably some changes".

Ryan questioned that analysis, suggesting that administrative actions taken by the Trump administration would further lower premiums and questioning whether the ACA would remain viable in a decade.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Ryan said he was confident about bringing the American Health Care Act before the House of Representatives on Thursday and was addressing concerns raised by rank-and-file Republicans.

Tax credits to help buy coverage would be less than current subsidies, also why fewer people would be covered.

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And there is in this plan a big tax cut for the wealthy.

Under his proposed replacement bill, the the sick and the elderly, those with the most limited resources, are left at the highest risk, despite having health insurance. They want to halt the continuance by the end of the fiscal year.

Paul noted that he passed out notes based on Trump's book "The Art of the Deal" at a meeting he had with Freedom Caucus members last week: "We need to learn from the master, and let's make sure that we increase our leverage by holding the line".

As Ryan struggles to keep his fragile Obamacare reform bill from breaking apart and shattering (and potentially ruining Republicans' chance to get rid of Obamacare), there's one man he really wants to thank for doing his part.

He emphasized that until the bill is on the floor for a vote, "we are always making improvements". "So when they say, 'Oh more people are on the plan" - there's not gonna be any people on the plan, ' he said. What we do know is that if House Speaker gets his version of the Republican healthcare bill through the system, he and his team will have little to no incentive to improve the proposal in any way, which will be bad news for just about everyone, including Trump himself. "That's what we're moving forward with in this first phase".

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