Apple Is Working On New Version Of Mac Pro And iMac

Janie Parker
April 5, 2017

The Mac Pro was last updated in 2013, and even then, its design alienated some.

Now Apple says it is ready and already working to change this, with worldwide marketing boss Phil Schiller revealing during the talk that the company was in the process of "completely rethinking the Mac Pro", but said we wouldn't see any results of that this year. 80 percent of all Mac sales are now part of the MacBook family, leaving only 20 million users of the iMac and Mac Pro combined.

Reasons to buy the 2017 Mac Pro and the reasons to wait for the 2018 Mac Pro. However, in what appears to be a way of appeasing the company's professional power-users, Schiller appears adamant in diminishing the growing concerns that Apple had in any way "given up" on them - reiterating, once again, how Apple is fully committed to its professional users, while promising that "many great products" are in the pipeline.

When Apple was circling the drain into bankruptcy around 1997, those core users stayed loyal and helped influence many other users.

One of the most interesting details of the meeting concerns Apple's displays. (I hope that means "next year", but all Apple said was "not this year".) In the meantime, Apple is today releasing meager speed-bump updates to the existing Mac Pros.

Let's say you're Apple.

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For those willing to fork out an extra $1000 (£900), they'll get an eight-core processor and D700 GPUs for $2,999/£3,899. Schiller said, "The Mac has an important, long future at Apple, that Apple cares deeply about the Mac, we have every intention to keep going and investing in the Mac". And it'll be a design that learns from the mistakes of the past.

In a rare turn, even Apple's Craig Federighi, the company's senior vice-president of software engineering, also admitted that "we designed ourselves into a bit of corner", when discussing about the current Mac Pro.

Depending on when the new machine and monitor actually appear, they may be good news for people working in new mediums.

The second key message of the day was that Apple will announce new configurations of the popular iMac desktop line later this year that it believes will be welcomed by many professional and creative users.

If you haven't been following John Gruber, and you're a fan of Apple's products, you should definitely do so and read the rest of his post.

Furthermore, it's unclear whether they will be launched alongside the new Mac Pro, or whether Apple will unveil them later this year when the new iMac and MacBooks arrive. With a Windows PC, creators could upgrade their hardware almost every month it seemed, but the Mac Pro went 3 years without a single substantial upgrade.

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