YouTube now requires content creators to reach 10000 views to earn money

Lynne Hanson
April 15, 2017

Once they hit 10K lifetime views on their channel, YouTube will review their channel against the company's policies. Once the creator's channel hits 10,000 views, the company will ensure its activity follows the site's rules before accepting the creator into program.

It also claimed that the 10,000 views would give YouTube enough information to determine whether a channel is following its community guidelines and advertiser policies. YouTube offers creators a 55% share of the ad revenue from pre-roll ads that appear in of their videos. It also said that they will be employing more staff to do fact checks manually rather than wait for people to flag them.

Announced by Ariel Bardin, a VP of product management at YouTube, videos on channels that have less than 10,000 lifetime views will not have ads served to their channel. Sometimes, they also use the original content of other popular YouTube creators. It's active right now, and it affects all existing and future channels that are below the 10,000 views threshold.

It will bring a review process for new creators who want to join in its Partner Program.

YouTube has updated the terms of its Partner Program in a move it says should help protect creators. YouTube has now made changes to the YouTube Partner Program and their ad revenue policy to improve content quality.

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YouTube has also been under fire since revelations that the ads of several large brands were appearing next to offensive videos and other objectionable content.

The quickest way to earn money on YouTube is to allow ads to run on a channel, but now the platform has made it a little more hard for channels to make money. With the latest rules, they ensure that revenue will only go to creators who play by the rules.

YouTube has reportedly amended its policy to weed out bogus accounts with copied content that are earning easy money.

YouTube is seriously taking steps to investigate how business is done on its platform.

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