Christians celebrate Good Friday in Jerusalem

Jay Jacobs
April 16, 2017

A Palestinian man stabbed a young British tourist to death in Jerusalem as she traveled on the light rail close to the Old City, which was packed with Christians celebrating Good Friday and Jews enjoying Passover, police and hospital officials said. "It's an important holiday in the Christian tradition because of what it represents". For Christians, they share because they truly believe the founder of the faith told them to, and that his message changes people. But the people are exhausted of listening to and reading about hope when we face senseless deaths on our roads, in our hospitals and homes; when politically clothed groups act with impunity; and when our farms and rivers are destroyed.

"The story of the Risen Christ on Easter Sunday is a message of perseverance and faith in the grief of Black Saturday". According to renowned evangelist Billy Graham, both are equally important and equally necessary, because without Christmas, there would be no Easter-and without Easter, Christmas wouldn't matter.

All Christians use the same method for determining the date of Easter, though they can arrive at a different result.

"On the cross, God treated Jesus as if He had lived your life". Everywhere we've gone, we've seen the signs of families on holiday.

Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion death of Jesus Christ, and Krahn reminded the congregation that cross-themed jewelry depicts, in essence, an instrument of execution.

What is Easter Sunday all about?

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How followers of Jesus came to celebrate a Jewish feast with a miniscule amount of bread and wine is one of history's great mysteries.

Regardless of where you think Jesus was between His death and His resurrection, the gospel remains the same.

"On Holy Friday, Christ is removed from the cross while the children receive his body (in the form of an icon) from the cross and help the priest lay him in a tomb, which has been beautifully decorated with flowers and greens, and placed in the center of the church". In Eastern Christianity, the season of Pascha begins on Sunday followed by Good Friday and ends with the coming of the fortieth day, the Feast of the Ascension. But on the very first Easter Sunday we know that death was put on notice.

"It can be healthy to have a somber mood, because it's sobering to remember that someone died for us".

Saturday is usually a non-eventful day, but as the sun rises on Sunday morning, Oliver said the celebration begins. "After that, churches usually observe their normal service times, but with a special theme or doing special songs they normally wouldn't".

In the neighboring suburb of Homewood, a procession along Oxmoor Road begins at 2 p.m. today, with All Saints' Episcopal, Dawson Memorial Baptist, Edgewood Presbyterian and Trinity United Methodist among the Alabama churches that traditionally take part by hosting stops of the Stations of the Cross.

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