Melissa McCarthy returns to Saturday Night Live

Jay Jacobs
April 18, 2017

Titled as "a message from the White House Easter Bunny" (which Spicer actually was once), the skit rattled through topical comments and a brilliant, slightly confused explanation of Passover.

But Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy were again the center of it all on the latest SNL, returning as President Trump and Sean Spicer, respectively.

Long before Sean Spicer was making waves as White House press secretary, he was moonlighting as the Easter Bunny during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

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The real Spicer has made numerous false claims, starting from his first press conference. "I know they were called "concentration clubs", she said. This could all be over by Monday", Baldwin's Trump said after Bennett's Pence reminded him he had more than 1300 days to go in his presidency.

"Jared, you take the most attractive photos".

Trump fan who attacked black woman blames POTUS for 'urging' him on
Also being sued is Matthew Heimbach, a leader with the white supremacist group Traditional Youth Network in Paoli, Ind. The protesters are seeking an unknown amount in damages.

The segment opened with Spicer wishing the children playing in front of his podium a happy Easter, before promptly telling them to get out and the audience to shut up. "They were all like "boohoo, what about the Holocaust centres?' And yeah, I know they're not really called "Holocaust centres", duh!".

In Spicer's attempts to walk back his misguided remarks, he referred to the concentration camps as "Holocaust centers".

Unless you've spent the last week in a sensory-deprivation tank (do they still have those?), you know that last week, United Airlines and White House spokesman Sean Spicer experienced the full-bore blast of social media scorn when they made huge mistakes yet balked at admitting error.

"Jared, Steve, standing before me are my two top advisors, but I only have one photo in my hand", Trump says, turning the decision into an America's Next Top Model elimination ceremony.

"I am particularly sorry this [Hilter-Assad comparison blunder] happened during Passover, aka Jewish Easter", McCarthy as Spicer said.

She used the stuffed objects to demonstrate how the Jews "passed over" or "literally floated" over Pharaoh like "crouching tiger hidden..." Oh, and the president is probably going to bomb North Korea tonight! She then climbed into an egg-shaped cart and drove off while screaming, "Eat as much candy as you want". And in Spicer's case, it may only get worse: McCarthy is hosting "SNL" on May 13.

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