Facebook out to read minds

Janie Parker
April 20, 2017

[Screenshots: Facebook] Dugan is superb at these presentations, and her role as Head of Building 8 at Facebook-where she leads the craziest R&D within the company-necessitates it.

In addition to typing, the system could also serve as a sort of computer mouse for your brain, which would allow you to perform "yes/no" clicks, among other commands.

Dugan said the system would be capable of "typing" 100 words per minute by decoding users' neural activity, which is five times faster than we're able to type on smartphones.

"Implanted electrodes simply won't scale", Dugan said. Oculus has already dealt with some blowback for its Terms and Conditions which give Facebook access to your movements and where you're looking in VR, what these scandals look like in the future could be even more invasive.

[Screenshots: Facebook] The second project Dugan discussed is Project: Hear With Your Skin. Dugan was previously the head of Google's similarly styled Advanced Technology and Projects Group and director of the Pentagon's DARPA research agency.

Building 8's leader, Regina Dugan, says both projects have been under way for six months and that Facebook will decide in two years whether they're worth continuing. Facebook wants to develop a silent speech interface that provides the speed and flexibility of voice with the privacy of text.

Such a device-a headband or some sort of cap-could be useful to people who are so severely paralyzed that they can't communicate.

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Scrapping the need for physical or virtual keyboards in favor of direct-to-brain interface has been considered an inevitable eventuality by many scientists, mostly because it falls directly in line with the natural progression that human development follows.

These dreams are still far from reality and Facebook's success isn't certain although Dugan said she was optimistic. The aim is to decode those words that the person decides to share and sends to the speech center of the brain. The social media giant announced today at its F8 developer conference that its secretive Building 8 research lab is developing technology for brain-powered smartphone control.

Now the Facebook researchers are exploring whether it's possible to figure out what someone wants to say by detecting signals outside the brain and then translating it into text. Frances wears a black sleeve on her arm, and it transmits different frequencies associated with different words to her skin.

While this is just the beginning of being able to "hear with our skin" we know that as technology continues to grow it will be a matter of time before we will be able to transmit our thoughts through air and hear songs by just laying our fingers on a surface.

While neither of these projects will yield a gadget that you can buy, Dugan said she can imagine it happening eventually.

"I think one thing that people probably don't think about as much as we do is innovation to serve everyone in the community, not just the high end, right?"

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