Condoleezza Rice: I feel bad for 'lonely' President Trump

Trevor Jackson
May 10, 2017

The US relationship with Pakistan is like a "critically ill patient" as one has to just try to keep it alive for the next day, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said. "That's really an important thing to do", Rice noted.

"When we look at nine of our first 12 presidents as slave owners, should we start taking their statues down, saying we're embarrassed by you?" co-anchor Brian Kilmeade asked.

Condoleezza Rice graced The View with her presence today and used the opportunity to dole out some wisdom regarding Vladimir Putin. "And the presidency is more than one person and I will do whatever I can to help the occupant of that office succeed".

Ms. Rice said Mr. Putin has been wanting to interfere in the USA elections for a while, and Mrs. Clinton gave him a reason to do so this time, saying Mr. Putin is an "eye for an eye"-type of person". "But I took an oath of allegiance to the same Constitution as a black woman secretary of state with a Jewish woman Supreme Court justice swearing me in. That's the story of America". "And when he said, you know, this job's a lot harder than I thought, I actually kind of felt bad for him, because it is a really hard job, and it's a lonely job, and you want people around you who you trust".

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Rice said the North appears to be trying to show it's powerful.

Rice feels that the best way to deal with the election-related issues would be to warn Putin, as President Barack Obama did, but also express undying confidence in the electoral process.

However, Rice endorsed Trump's policy of trying to enlist Chinese help against North Korea, which is believed to have conducted five nuclear tests since 2006 and to be developing intercontinental ballistic missiles that could strike the US mainland. "I wish they had been like John Adams, who did not believe in slavery". I wish all of them had been like that. We should celebrate the from the Jeffersons, Washingtons, slave owners, look where we are now.

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