Fireworks cache explodes in Mexico, killing at least 12

Trevor Jackson
May 10, 2017

An errant firecracker landed on a cache of fireworks and touched off a powerful explosion at a home in central Mexico, killing at least 12 people and injuring 30 more, authorities said Tuesday.

At least five children are said to be among the dead. Numerous victims were inside the two-story house, which was leveled by the blast.

"A group of people lived in the house where we had pyrotechnics for festivals".

The house was destroyed and nine people were killed, three more died in hospital.

Last December, 42 people died and 70 were injured in a series of spectacular explosions at the country's largest fireworks market, in the town of Tultepec outside Mexico City.

Army troops and government officials cordoned off the blast site as ambulances rush in to collect the wounded.

The area is located around 200 km south-east of Mexico City.

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"One of the rockets that are being launched into the air doesn't go up but falls instead, it turns. and it touches down right there in the room where the pyrotechnic material was", Puebla Government Secretary Diodoro Carrasco said in an interview with Milenio TV. State governor Antonio Gali Fayad plans to visit the village soon.

The use of fireworks during holiday festivities is very common in Mexico, sometimes with fatal consequences.

The market was filled with people shopping for Christmas and New Year's festivities.

The San Pablito market had been rocked by two explosions in the past: in September 2005 and again the following year. The areas where the recent fireworks explosions have happened in Mexico are some of the most popular fireworks makers in the country.

Both incidents left dozens of injured, but no fatalities.

The fireworks industry brings in almost $10 million a month in revenue in Mexico, authorities say.

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