25 great white sharks spotted near Southern California shore

Trevor Jackson
May 14, 2017

The Southern California Bight, that area that goes from Santa Barbara to kind of mid-Baja, is known as a nursery for most of the Pacific white sharks because, frankly, they're some of the most productive waters in the world. NBC's Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY on what may be attracting the sharks to come closer to shore.

A surf organization that monitors shark activity says almost 30 sharks were spotted from Long Beach to San Onofre beach in just one day this week. OC Lifeguards Chief Jason Young said it was not an ocean closure, which is enforced when sharks are more than 8 feet long or are acting aggressively.

While it's not uncommon to spot sharks along the Southern California coast, they seem to be appearing in greater numbers. What would you have done if you were one of the paddle-boarders?

A massive great white shark is being tracked in waters off the Virginia and Maryland coasts.

The waters near this California beach are not closed, but they are now on a 48-hour advisory for what has been coined as "aggressive" shark behavior.

Almost a year ago, a woman was bitten by a shark while swimming off Corona del Mar, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) to the north of the Wednesday sighting.

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She says new tools are allowing us to be far more aware of shark activity near out beaches.

Sharks are apex predators, which means they keep dozens of other ocean populations in check, according to the nonprofit organization WildAid.

"During the day, they hang out very close to the surface in relatively shallow water relatively close to the beach", Lowe said.

The El Nino winter of 2014 and 2015 brought on an interesting change in behavior of a group of juvenile sharks that made Surfside in Huntington Beach their home, year-round. He added that if the water temperature patterns don't return, they "might start residing here"'.

She is recovering from wounds to part of her upper thigh.

Even though sightings have become common, attacks are rare.

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