Canadian woman's cutout of Spicer in bush gets attention

Trevor Jackson
May 17, 2017

The media is now abuzz with rumors that Trump, unhappy with the outrage over his firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, might order Spicer to clean out his desk.

Spicer has mostly shrugged off the running gag, but Trump reportedly hated seeing his spokesman portrayed by a woman. "Only since you started working here", responds Trump, who proceeds to start making out with Spicer because, well, why not? So he rides his podium to Trump Tower in New York City to convince Trump not to fire him. He now takes a dim view of the show, which has also regularly featured an unflattering portrayal of him by Alec Baldwin wearing orange make-up. Trump assured he would never do that, and then embraces his press secretary for a lengthy kiss.

We're not sure what will come first - Trump sending out a tweet about the SNL sketch or Spicer getting axed as Press Secretary.

Despite Spicer's reluctance to agree, the press secretary made a decision to go to NY and find out from the President himself whether or not he's been lied to. "And then he hired lawyers to agree with him".

One sketch featured McCarthy as the hot-tempered Spicer commandeering his motorized podium through the streets of midtown Manhattan - a sequence spotted by the media on Friday while it was being filmed. McCarthy asked, to which Reynolds deadpanned, "You invited us".

By the time Melissa McCarthy hosted this weekend's "Saturday Night Live," she had already become a highly-anticipated presence on the show for one reason: "Spicey".

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"Thank you for having me here, jazzman".

At the same time, SNL writers had been watching Spicer's first few press briefings. (Baldwin is writing a satirical book with Kurt Anderson about Trump due out November, so don't bet on it). The actress took on the role once again as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

"Sean, kiss me", says Baldwin's Trump.

(CNN) - President Donald Trump denied allegations of collusion between his campaign and Russian operatives in an interview Saturday night on Fox News, adding that he wants "to get to the bottom" of the questions about Russian influence in the election.

This admission leads Holt to speak to his crew, who relay the unfortunate truth through his earpiece: "Did I get him?".

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