Teens' Harrowing, High-Wire Antics On Golden Gate Bridge Captured On Video

Janie Parker
May 18, 2017

The reckless video shows the pair Peter Teatime and Tommy Rector climbing the bridge with the help of cables holding the structure.

"It was one of the craziest experiences of my life!"

As if standing at the height of 746ft wasn't enough of a thrill, the daring duo made a decision to dangle their entire bodies over the edge of one of the bridge's towers, with only their fingertips stopping them from making the long fall to the ground below.

According to authorities, the bridge was not damaged by the climbers, but the fact that this was able to occur at all - without anyone finding out about it for more than a month - is definitely a concern. The actions of these individuals did not harm the structure, nor could they have harmed the structure.

The climbers Peter Teatime and Tommy Rector. Trespassing on the bridge is a misdemeanor, but the two were not caught and no citations were issued.

In November 1996, actor Woody Harrelson and eight others tied up traffic for hours when they scaled the bridge cables and put up banners to create awareness about Northern California redwood forests. I don't want to say too much about how we got passed security ...

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Teatime said that while the act is illegal, it is a must-do for explorers as it is has an awesome view and is also the tallest structure in the US.

District officials do not know when the teens performed their stunt.

"This incident raises questions about how such an unauthorized climb was possible and the potential harm to drivers below if one of the climbers had fallen onto the roadway", Priya David Clemens, of Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, said. Two US teens got their adrenaline kicking when they recently climbed the Golden Gate Bridge without any gear and the video has now gone viral.

At the news conference, Golden Gate Bridge Patrol Captain Lisa Locati said the duo's "path of travel did not trigger any alarms".

Clemens said the district will review its security measures to prevent future stunts from happening again. "Our security systems are developed to keep people from harming the structure. We weren't doing anything wrong", he says, adding that he can offer bridge officials tips on improving security.

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