Gal Gadot thanks fans for 'Wonder Woman' success

Jay Jacobs
June 9, 2017

Now it's looking like that might have been premature. Every time Wonder Woman smashed through a wall or defeated an enemy, I felt like I was seeing something I had always needed but never really realized I was missing. It's not clear why they said otherwise, but it sure is disappointing. The biggest issue may be one for future films rather than this one: It doesn't seem to leave Wonder Woman with much of anywhere to go as a character. But I wanted to present some options, and if there are multiple sequels they could get around to all of them eventually. Which she obviously deserves.

"Question: If Wonder Woman can beat a GOD...the GOD OF WAR and she is only a Titan or Demi-God....then what's left for her?"

Wonder Woman is in theaters now. Besides the serious lack of screen time Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a Black Widow, is an overwhelmingly under-developed character that is more akin to a prop than a self-sufficient member of the team. But I'm guessing I'm not alone in thinking Jenkins is indispensable.

Superheroes are sexy. They fight evil, protect the innocent from dastardly criminals and power-hungry alien forces, and they do so while looking good in form-fitting outfits.

As directed by Patty Jenkins, the movie is quite admirable.

She crafted something that was visually stunning, but with a much less tangible uniqueness. Jenkins made it different, that wasn't a coincidence. Diana's beauty is her compassion and strength.

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Wonder Woman added $122.5m (£95m) internationally, including $38 million in China. Certainly we used some techniques that [Batman v Superman director] Zack [Snyder] and [Batman v Superman cinematographer] Larry Fong used in other movies. Probably something closer to the tepidly serviceable lady film the studio was expecting.

Before she became a stellar part of the DC Universe, Gal Gadot was a part of another huge money-making franchise, the latest installment of which released just a couple of weeks back. And that being kind doesn't make you weak.

With that in mind, I've used this inaugural Dream Casting to gather some characters who should appear in those sequels.

I can imagine the screenwriters working with copies of the Wonder Woman Archives and George Perez's run sitting on their desk. "I was like "I need her to see some brutality", Jenkins told The Hollywood Reporter.

Please, Warner Bros. Give her all the money you have.

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