New iPhone 8 renders show off running iOS 11 and design

Lynne Hanson
June 12, 2017

The iOS 11 update which is now available as a Developer Beta Preview will be available for all this fall probably around the same time that Apple announces its next iPhone.

Spirit Realm Games claims to have only featured "innocuous" versions of the Pepe meme in its game.

Photo files will also be smaller due to Apple's new "High Efficiency Image File Format" syste.

Similarly, apps that don't yet support 64-bit architectures also won't run on iOS 11. On the consumer front, it allows the user to leave a rating from one star to five without leaving the app.

While this new keyboard might sound like a new feature - it's actually anything but.

Statehood wins questioned for Puerto Rico referendum
The question at the heart of the non-binding referendum has been asked of Puerto Rican voters before - four times, in fact. And Congress, the ultimate arbiter of the island's bid for statehood, never picked up the matter.

Top Charts had a ripple effect on the increasing popularity of featured apps or viral apps therefore demoting it to a second click will impact burst campaigns that developers did for user acquisition and may even dilute the effect of charts induced virality. The upgrade also allows other apps to access Apple Music.

Apple has finally announced support for AR based apps and has opened iOS 11 to developers to create incredible, new AR content.

If you still dislike the new way of Apple encouraging you to rate apps, you can turn them off altogether by heading into the iOS Settings app. Do let us know in the comments. Therefore, Apple thought of a way to give someone else a Wi-Fi password without actually disclosing it. But, today instead of doling out any details about the specifications or the feature set of the upcoming iPhone, we've received fresh renders of the device running iOS 11.

The Russia-based company, known for its highly rated line of antivirus software for Windows, will not only scan for malware already on your phone, it will warn you if an app you are about to download is unsafe. It might be easy for you to introduce it once, and then have your device remember it for you, but sharing it with a friend becomes hard. To put the app store's growth in perspective: when the original iPhone launched, the App Store only featured 500 apps - now, Apple's digital storefront is home to over 2.2 million apps and games. It's possible Apple could adjust the API to include leniency around updates in a future revision.

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