Days Gone Looks The Goods

Janie Parker
June 13, 2017

Days Gone was unveiled by Sony with a good amount of fanfare last year's E3, and the company gave it another spotlight showing at their E3 2017 press conference.

In addition, I am fairly sure he used some kind of camp of people as bait for the zombie, so that he could save his friends.

It took a while to get there this year, but Days Gone still has a lot of zombies. In fact, the one time we see a zombie horde, it's turns out to be beneficial, running off the bandits.

Bolt's final home run live on Digicel PlayGo
Since this was his first race of 2017, Bolt said his biggest concern was just putting on a good show. He ran 19.90 on April 22 and is the joint-second fastest over the 200m this year.

In the new trailer the game's hero is shown riding his motorbike out of his settlement, looking for his pal Manny. From what we have seen of Deacon already, we know he's more than capable of handling himself and getting out of tough situations. It seems stealth will play a big role in the final game. Methods of distraction are a popular way to divert the attention of both the living and the undead. Nonetheless, Days Gone is turning out to be a real head turner, and it certainly looks the part.

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