Take-Two delivers Cease and Desist letter to GTAV modding tool

Lynne Hanson
June 16, 2017

What would seem undeniable is that the modding community has extended the lifespan of finely-aged games, such as Grand Theft Auto IV, by giving gamers new ways to play them.

Grand Theft Auto V is well-known for its numerous, player-created mods and brilliant machinima videos, so it comes as a surprise to learn that one of the game's most popular modding tools, OpenIV, has been taken offline.

One of the best things about the Grand Theft Auto series has been its modding community on PC.

The group received a cease and desist notice from Take-Two Interactive which stated that the GTA modding tools allowed third-parties "to defeat security features of its software and modify that software in violation Take-Two's rights". But he says they're not going to. That's all set to end, however, as Take-Two, the publisher of GTA V, has finally declared mods for the game illegal.

There's a bit longer message over on the OpenIV website.

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In a thread titled "Take Two vs Modding" on GTAForums, lead developer GooD-NTS stated the team can not continue developing the OpenIV software despite their attempts to play ball with the publisher at hand. OpenIV group said, "We feared that this day would come....and now it's here". In response the team has made a decision to follow Take-Two's order and and stop distributing OpenIV altogether.

Yes, we can go to court and yet again prove that modding is fair use and our actions are legal. Reactions ranged from confusion about why this action was taken after almost ten years of OpenIV being in use and distribution to promises to never buy a Take-Two game again. But we decided not to. Will you stop playing GTA V now that mods are harder to source and install, if not impossible?

We're not exactly sure what mods or issues Rockstar Games is referring to but PCGamer is actively pushing for more information from Rockstar Games.

We've contacted both GooD-NTS and Rockstar for further comment, and we'll update if we hear anything back.

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