Wife: Man who shot congressman wanted to work on tax policy

Caroline Beck
June 17, 2017

Two other bystanders were hit.

The House majority whip, Scalise underwent his third surgery on Thursday and remains in critical condition at a Washington hospital, officials said.

Sanders took to the senate floor on Wednesday, shortly after he was informed the 66 year-old alleged gunman had volunteered with his presidential campaign. Investigators say he had been living in his vehicle in Northern Virginia and hanging out at the YMCA.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) - For three months, James T. Hodgkinson lived out of a white cargo van in a gentrified neighborhood just miles from where us laws are made.

Authorities say he was unknown to the Secret Service...

"The Belleville community in general is surprised.no one seemed to think he was capable of such an extreme act", Rieck said.

HANSI LO WANG, BYLINE: Hey, Ari. His name is Dale Walsh.

Saclise's doctor, Jack Sava, said Scalise will need further operations but he is expected to be able to walk and run again. And Walsh and Hodgkinson grew up in the same neighborhood.

Treatment of Kamala Harris was blatant discrimination
Mueller III, the special counsel appointed in May to investigate possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. Sessions: I don't have memory naff. "I've got a series of questions, sir", Warner finally said, speeding on to his next query.

SUZANNE HODGKINSON: I had no idea this was going to happen, and I don't know what to say about it. In addition, the FBI Springfield and St. Louis Evidence Response Teams are searching the subject's home in Belleville, Illinois. Here's what Dale Walsh said. "We've got kids over here in this yard'".

Yet some within the Republican party began laying blame for the shooting at the feet of Democrats and the divisive politics of the moment in Washington D.C. following the rise of President Trump. But what have you been able to find out about his history? Two officers were also wounded.

The bureau also said that the gunman purchased a handgun and a rifle back in March.

Kaiser says the friend appeared to call and speak with Hodgkinson's wife from the shop. All of the sudden, I heard a couple of shots.

Former speaker of the House and Trump strategist Newt Gingrich told Fox News that the shooting is part of a pattern of "an increasing intensity of hostility on the left". And there's our house here.

The bottom line-Hodgkinson is yet another proof that background checks do not-and cannot-stop latent criminals; they only stop actual ones. No charges. There were no charges because Hodgkinson was shooting on his own property, and he had a valid firearms owner identification card. And the people told me, you know, despite these splits, it doesn't divide them personally, and they're able to get along. What do we know? Officials said Hodgkinson has been identified as the man who opened fire on Republican lawm.

"Law enforcement has reason to believe that the shooter has been in Alexandria, Va. area since March of this year".

SHAPIRO: NPR's Hansi Lo Wang in Belleville, Ill., thanks a lot.

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