YouTube's VR 180 and Daydream cameras bring immersive video to traditional creators

Janie Parker
June 24, 2017

As you'd imagine, this really opens the door to the average YouTuber to really break into the VR content creation circle, which is booming right now if you have not noticed. That should mean the 1 billion hours of video watched daily among all devices as of February 2017 has gone up a bit.

Google hopes VR180 and the affordable point-and-shoot style cameras will help get more content creators involved in VR, and help them develop skills before they step into full 360-degree video production. As for price, Wojcicki says these cameras will be comparatively cheaper to 360 cameras, revealing that VR180 cameras "are just a couple hundred [dollars]".

Now 360-degree videos are the most popular way for consumers to experience virtual reality (VR) content. The Google-owned company is also debuting a completely new sharing mechanism that'll enable you to send videos directly to contacts, that too from within YouTube. Google has always been good at bells and whistles, and these new features are likely to further draw eyeballs to YouTube's mobile platform.

The new targeted markets are Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington, D.C., Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Detroit, Minneapolis-St.

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New features for YouTube were introduced alongside the announcement of a major milestone.

Google has announced a new 180-degree VR format, including third-party cameras that you can use to shoot in it. Each new video you share will create a new chat and recipients can respond with text or videos.

Wojcicki also wrote that YouTube Red, the company's foray into original videos, has launched 37 series that have generated "nearly a quarter billion views". Paul, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne and Charlotte. The Daydream VR team of Google is working with three companies now and the first VR180 products are expected to launch by winter this year. Thus, YouTube has finally made a decision to remedy the problem.

YouTube said Thursday that its first 37 original series and movies have generated almost 250 million views.

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