Brexit critic Emmanuel Macron poised for landslide in French MP elections

Trevor Jackson
June 26, 2017

With 90% of voters accounted for, Macron's Republic on the Move (LREM) and Modem allies had won 31.9% support, Interior Ministry results showed.

Many of those who voted for him in the presidential election, particularly left-wing voters, said they were doing so only to keep Marine Le Pen out.

Others said they had not voted as they were exhausted out by the drawn-out electoral cycle, with party primaries that started previous year before the two rounds of presidential and then legislative contests. His party put forward 266 women candidates, while 219 come from outside politics.

"France is back. Since a month now the President of the Republic has been a symbol of confidence, willpower and audacity", Philippe said, adding: "Next Sunday, the National Assembly will embody the new face of our Republic".

However "neither his 24 percent in the first round of the presidential election, nor the 50 percent abstention this Sunday should give the illusion of a France converted to "Macronmania", noted Nicolas Beytout in L'Opinion.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's office tweeted her congratulations to Macron for his party's victory.

The radical-left France Insoumise (France Unbowed) party of Jean-Luc Melenchon, who finished fourth in the presidential race, also fell short of expectations.

Le Pen's party took a disappointing 13.2 percent, well below her 21.3 percent of the presidential first-round vote.

Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, head of the Socialist party that was in power until a month ago, acknowledged that the first round marked an "unprecedented" setback for the party, set to win a paltry 30-40 seats, and the broader left.

Former prime minister Alain Juppe of the rightwing Republicans said the mass stayaway by voters was a sign of "deep malaise" in the electorate and that a clean sweep by Macron would be bad for democracy.

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President Macron's La Republique en Marche (The Republic on the Move, LREM) and its allies took 32.3 per cent of the vote, official figures released early Monday show.

Polls suggest the elections will strongly favor Macron's party and dramatically shake up French politics, punishing the traditional left and right parties and leaving no single strong opposition force.

Record-low turnout, however, took some shine off the achievement.

Both the Republican and Socialist parties which have traditionally governed during the time of the Fifth Republic, are likely to suffer.

FN vice president Florian Philippot said the party had "maybe been disappointed by the score and we have paid the price, I think, for a low turnout".

The National Assembly always has the final say in the voting process of a law.

Macron, who won the presidency on his platform of being a pro-European centrist, is hoping to carry out far-reaching reforms in order to overhaul the country's political system and economy.

France's right wing Republican party, allied with the Union of Democrats and Independents, secured 18.80 percent.

While Macron's party is confident, the more traditional parties are expected to struggle.

Speaking from the far-right stronghold of Henin-Beaumont in northern France, Le Pen, trying for the fourth time to win a seat in parliament, said she is well ahead in the constituency where she is running "more than 45 percent".

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