ATM customers get 'help me' notes from trapped contractor along with cash

Trevor Jackson
July 15, 2017

The unfortunate man was changing a lock to a room behind the machine.

But a repairman in Texas had the mother of all bad workdays on Wednesday - after he found himself trapped inside a cash machine.

A workman trapped inside a cash machine in the USA was forced to pass handwritten notes through the receipt slot to summon help.

One of his notes read: "Please help".

The repairman wrote the note including his boss' phone number but Police revealed that some customers thought the notes were a joke, but one made a decision to give them a call. Some of the notes implored people to call his boss. Luckily, someone did take it seriously and called a baffled police-team for assistance. At this point the officers chose to break the back door, ending his roughly 2-hour ordeal.

Corpus Christi Police Senior Officer Olden confirmed the incident to KRISTV. Though at first, Olden admitted, even the officers first on the scene thought it was a prank, too.

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When police arrived they inspected the machine and said they heard "little voices" coming from the machine.

"So we're all thinking this is a joke... this has got to be a joke". "It's got to be a joke".

But this was no joke.

In order to do so, the employee had to go into a room inside the bank, which led to the back of the ATM.

He was unable to let himself out of the room after leaving his swipe card inside his vehicle.

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