Turkey marks first anniversary of failed July 15 coup attempt

Trevor Jackson
July 15, 2017

Turkey slams US, EU At the same meeting, Yıldırım slammed the United States and some European countries, which did not allow events to commemorate the July 15 coup attempt, accusing them of practicing double standards when it comes to human rights in Turkey compared to their respective countries. Hurriyet daily reported that 2,300 police were dismissed.

"The scale and speed of these actions do not suggest an evidence-based response to the violent coup attempt of July 15, 2016, but rather a broad campaign against intellectuals and intellectual expression, in violation of Turkey's global and domestic legal obligations to protect institutional autonomy and academic freedom, including under Turkey's constitution", SAR says.

Citing agreements made with more than 20 countries in Africa, he said, more than half of Gulen's schools will be taken over by Turkey's Maarif Foundation, which was recently established in 2016. The three-week protest walk from Ankara to Istanbul demanding democratic reforms attracted increasingly large crowds, culminating in a massive street protest last weekend in Istanbul that drew a crowd estimated at over 1 million. The decree also stripped 342 retired officers and soldiers of their ranks and grades.

He later served as a ruling party MP but then fell out with the authorities over his links to Gulen.

In May, Erdogan has reportedly issued a warning that no foreign captives would be released unless their respective governments met his demands to extradite his political enemies.

Trump administration seeks to renegotiate South Korea trade deal
The US government officially began to demand negotiations on amending the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Korea. The bilateral negotiations sought by the US trade representative must in principle begin within 30 days.

Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania, has repeatedly denied his involvement and Erdogan has been accused of exploiting the coup to get rid of Gulenists and other opponents. You have more freedom than me.

"I don't know any other power which is stronger than public's power... and it's not possible to accept military government", he said.

Gulen called for an independent worldwide investigation of the coup attempt, saying "hundreds of thousands" of innocent Turks had been punished simply for suspected links to him.

"It's time for European countries to accompany Turkey in the fight against terrorism".

He added that democracy watches could take place after Sunday midnight.

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