Abigail is confirmed as Street Fighter V's next character

Lynne Hanson
July 17, 2017

A new character is on its way to 'SF5.' Taking the center stage at the Evo 2017, the game developer announced the arrival of Abigail in the sixth installment of its hit "Street Fighter" series. He is a top lieutenant of the Mad Gear Gang and quite the brute, as you can see from his quite intimidating size. Opponents will get a tough fight, as Abigail can squeeze the life bar of her opponent drastically with the grapple move, a punch combination and a move in which the opponent is nothing but a punching bag for Abigail, notes Heavy.com. Interesting characters from the old games, such as Guy, Cody and Rolento, have joined the roster of several Street Fighter titles.

The new member of the cast is Abigail, and he will be added as a DLC character on July 25th.

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Street Fighter V is available for PlayStation 4 and PC. Abigail is the official name of King Diamond's second album. For players who do not want to buy the pass but would like to unlock Abigail as a playable character, there is an option to purchase the new fighter by using the currency collected in-game. Even so, it doesn't rule out the possibility of more fan favorites coming to Street Fighter 5 through the game's Season 3 DLC. It's called Metro City Bay Area, and shows Abigail's Scrap Metal yard in the background.

Abigail, due out on 25th July, is the fourth DLC character from Street Fighter 5's second season, and follows the release of Akuma, Kolin and Ed.

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