Google Glass makes a comeback in the enterprise

Janie Parker
July 20, 2017

Google's renewed push into the enterprise space with Glass will put fresh pressure on Microsoft to accelerate its HoloLens efforts; its headset is still officially sold as a "Development Edition" device, and its next HoloLens model is not expected until 2019.

Google Glass has returned not as a personal device but, as Forbes magazine noted, as a business tool, created to help workers in specific fields like manufacturing, logistics, and health care.

Now, the Google Glass team has returned to X, and the Google Glass Enterprise Edition is available to more enterprises through the company's network of expert partners.

Kothari noted that through working with the likes of General Electric Aviation, DHL, and Volkswagen, Google has produced a refined version of its smart glasses, now sporting a designed that is better for long term wear and boosted power and battery life.

Machine manufacturer AGCO has been using the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, which has dropped production time by 25%, the post said.

Doctors at Sutter Health also say using Glass reduced the time spent looking at health records by about two hours a day. In fact, Glass Enterprise Edition has already been tested and deployed across many factories in the United States by companies such as Boeing, GE, AGCO, DHL, and others.

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The new device, Google Glass Enterprise, will have a tighter focus on vertical markets including the connected manufacturing and health-care spaces, said Jay Kothari, Google Glass project leader, in a statement. Hit the link for more details.

Google Glass is back, with a focus squarely on business use cases for the wearable device.

"We first saw signs of Glass' potential for businesses in the Glass Explorer days", he said.

The X team has also worked with healthcare professionals to make Glass useful for the profession.

The original Google Glass was launched to much fanfare although it wasn't very well received with people complaining about being filmed without their permission.

For the last two years, Alphabet's X Company has been running a "limited program" with its Glass augmented reality glasses for enterprise companies, such as GE. Employees that require prescription glasses or a special reinforced protection for instance, can take advantage of this design.

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