'Game of Thrones': Daenerys Meets [SPOILER] In Extended Season 7 Sneak Peek

Jay Jacobs
July 24, 2017

At the panel for Game of Thrones at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, moderator Kristian Nairn (HODOR!) got right down to asking about this fan favorite relationship. Not so this year: season seven premiered just three days before Comic-Con opened for preview night, providing an unprecedented opportunity to discuss a season as it was actively airing. "There's still that sexism that's ingrained in the culture", she said. "And I think in a small way, that's a way of championing equality".

"I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and I will", Daenerys says, kicking off almost a full minute of footage, much of it new or providing new angles to scenes we've already caught glimpses of. Jon used to fill the role of a father figure to Sam, because he never had one of his own, but then he met Gilly and saved her the way Jon saved him. "She trusts no one, be it man or woman, be it family member or not".

Now, in of itself this line could seem pretty innocuous - she's probably just chatting about Daenerys' part to play against the White Walkers, you might think - but when you consider the "Prince That Was Promised" prophecy Melisandre's been touting for the last few years, it gains a new significance. Turner said Joffrey because she loved working with actor Jack Gleeson - Joffrey - so much, an answer which got showered with boos.

John Bradley, who plays Samwell Tarly, said his character has figured out his role in the world. "She's woke now", she told the audience, "she's real woke".

"Jon Snow was kind of everything to Sam", he said. And what is Littlefinger saying to Sansa Stark?

Game of Thrones is now streaming on Foxtel.

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- Alfie Allen appealed to the fans by bringing the cutest thing they might see at the entire 4-day event - his adorable puppy, named "Abby".

"There is still that sibling rivalry back from when they were young".

- Who would Sophie Turner like to see returned to life on the show?

Randyll Tarly meeting with Cersei in the Iron Throne Room.

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