Would Liam Fox eat chlorine-washed chicken?

Lucy Hill
July 26, 2017

A key plank of Trump's campaign to become president has been focused on American jobs, and which his one-word remark in the Tweet - "JOBS!" - the President strongly implied the completion of a UK-US deal would see more employment for Americans workers. Numerous same issues the European Union and USA experienced in attempting to negotiate a trade deal could resurface. It follows a three-day trip to Japan that left Mr Johnson predicting an "all-singing, all-dancing" trade deal.

As the US and UK prepare to negotiate post-Brexit trade, there are fears that food safety standards could plummet, leading to the appearance in the UK marketplace of, among other things, chlorinated chicken.

The trade secretary added that discussions were still at a preliminary stage and it was too early to ascertain any details that may emerge from the talks.

At a breakfast meeting for members of the House of Representatives, Mr Fox said his twin objectives were to provide certainty for foreign investors ahead of Brexit and to expand the volume and value of trade with the US.

It's a complex picture, and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox can only feel out the contours, as Britain can't sign a trade deal with the United States until we have left the EU.

Though industry bodies have said European Union regulations should remain in place.

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The official said: "If the United Kingdom were successful in gaining a free trade agreement with America, and that is the only area where there is a comparative advantage for the United Kingdom, given agriculture is the EU's main defensive interest, then there will be problems. We won't accept a race to the bottom on standards".

James McGrory of Open Britain said: "If the International Trade Secretary wants the public trust him, he needs to take the opportunity while he's in the U.S. to devour a chlorine-washed chicken live on camera". I think we will fund a way of avoiding tariffs in the future.

Britain supports the conclusion of the Trade in Services Agreement as soon as it is practicable, so as to build an worldwide framework for the global service sector and the wider knowledge-based economy, said the official.

Lib Dem leader Vince Cable said the President's remarks should be taken "with a pinch of salt" - but admitted that a deal with the USA would be good for Britain.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister Theresa May said in a briefing: "Our priority when it comes to food is that maintaining the safety and public confidence in the food we eat is of the highest priority".

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