SNES Classic Edition pre-orders set for late August

Lynne Hanson
August 2, 2017

"We. can confirm that it will be made available for pre-order by various retailers late this month", the gaming giant posted on Facebook regarding the SNES Classic a short time ago.

This is actually not surprising, as the NES Classic also sold out quickly whenever Nintendo restocks and makes it available again through its retailers.

What's more, Nintendo will continue to send SNES Classic Editions to retailers throughout the rest of 2017.

All pre-orders were cancelled, however, as Walmart said the pre-order availability was a glitch in the system.

The SNES Classic Edition will undoubtedly be one of the year's most popular devices, but thus far, we haven't heard many details about its launch.

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The system comes fully loaded with 21 games, Nintendo says.

Walmart has been shunned by the diehard fans of SNES later this month with a listing on their website to pre-order the SNES Classic. That business model reached its peak previous year with the NES Classic, which shrank the venerable Nintendo Entertainment System, gave it an HDMI connector, and filled it with some of the original console's greatest titles. When will those pre-orders open up, though?

As such, your best bet to get your hands on a SNES Classic Edition is to somehow secure a pre-order.

If history is any indication, the SNES Classic will be in high demand. Once you get that alert, hightail it over to the pre-order page, punch in your information as fast as possible and cross your fingers that it goes through.

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