Lawsuit Alleges Trump Pushed For Fake Fox News Story

Trevor Jackson
August 3, 2017

Now comes more intrigue, as former Sputnik News White House correspondent, Andrew Feinberg, made an announcement which seems, at least on the surface, to implicate Vladimir Putin himself as one of the conspirators in creating and pushing the Seth Rich story. Fox News further suggested that the DNC had thwarted the police investigation into Rich's death, which authorities believe was actually a botched robbery, per NPR. Links between the white house and a false story about a democratic staffer and leaked e-mails.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

As Butowsky is explaining it, a voicemail Wheeler is citing in which the donor says the story has the White House's attention was about getting whistleblower status for a Washington, D.C., detective on the Rich case. In a statement issued in response to the lawsuit, former Press Secretary Sean Spicer downplays its core elements.much as the initial statement about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Kremlin-affiliated lawyer downplayed that event. Butowsky, a contributor at Fox News, has convinced the Rich family to hire Wheeler to investigate the murder of their 27-year-old son. It named Fox News, 21st Century Fox, Butowsky and the author of the article, Malia Zimmerman, as defendants. In a statement, Spicer said Tuesday, "Ed is a longtime supporter of the president's agenda who often appears in the media".

Wheeler alleges that Fox created this misinformation in favor of Trump to take the attention away from the ongoing Russian Federation investigation, which is speculated to have had a role in Trump's winning the presidency.

A chronicling of the events, as detailed in the lawsuit, begins with a text message from Butowsky, a Trump supporter, to Wheeler two days prior to the Fox story's publication: "Not to add any more pressure but the president just read the article".

He also works as an unpaid Fox commentator, and was the man this lawsuit says helped concoct the Seth Rich story and act as a liaison between Fox News and the White House.

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The following night Wheeler makes an appearance on Fox News's "Hannity" in which he vouched for the credibility of his sourcing.

In a press briefing on Tuesday, according to news reports, Whitehouse press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted President Trump "had no knowledge of the story and it's completely untrue that he and the White House were involved".

A lawsuit filed by an investigator who worked on the Seth Rich case claims Fox News fabricated quotes and coordinated with the Trump administration on its later-redacted story. He wants the article out immediately Its now all up to you. "He requested a 10-minute meeting to catch up".

The first quote read: "My investigation up to this point shows there was some degree of email exchange between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks". Wallace also said that Fox has "no evidence that Rod Wheeler was misquoted".

Reached by phone Tuesday morning, Butowsky said he was still reading through the allegations.

"While we can't speak to the evidence that you now have, we are hopeful that (the lawsuit) brings an end to what has been the most emotionally hard time in our lives and an end to conspiracy theories surrounding our beloved Seth", the family says in a statement.

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