Taylor Swift's Countersuit Against DJ Over Groping Incident Is Only For $1

Jay Jacobs
August 10, 2017

He says that by filing charges, both the allegation against Mueller and Swift's actions would be made public and reported by the media. He says his career was ruined by the claims.

Mueller sued Swift, claiming she had falsely accused him and cost him his job at Denver radio station KYGO-FM. KYGO is a CNN affiliate. He was sacked two days later.

But when Swift's attorney, J. Doug Baldridge, took over to cross-examine Mueller, Mueller was immediately put on the defensive. They are sitting at two separate tables with their attorneys. "His motivation is money, calling attention to himself, and getting revenge on his boss".

TMZ released the photo in question previous year, which shows Mueller with his hand below waist level behind Swift. She sort of looks like Luann from King of the Hill, or the Miss Trunchbull drawings from Matilda. "It's not ruffled, rumbled, affected in any form or fashion", he said. He was also barred from attending any of Swift's future concerts.

Swift countersued Mueller, claiming she was sexually assaulted. Her only visible jewelry was a silver ring, and she had swept her hair (back to dirty blond, not the bleached platinum it was earlier this year) into a low bun.

She said she is seeking just $1, simply to serve as an example to other women to come forward, her lawsuit says, according to The Telegraph.

A sketch of Taylor Swift (l.) and her attorneys in Denver Federal Court with plaintiff David Mueller (2nd r.) on August 8, 2017.

On the stand, Mueller described his short meeting with Swift in 2013. It's ironic that Mueller would mention Mayer, the ex about whom Swift penned "Dear John" (whose lyrics include "Don't you think nineteen's too young to be played by your dark twisted games"). He also said it was an assault, not inappropriate touching.

Swift's security team then approached Mueller, accused him of inappropriately touching the singer, and asked him to leave the arena. Mueller says that is possible. But he couldn't explain why he didn't tell those investigating the incident about Coomer's overture. He was sacked a day after that, he testified. A 2013 photo (above) of Swift, Mueller and Mueller's girlfriend taken at the pre-concert event in Denver is a key piece of evidence in Mueller's suit. Later, a backup external also failed, he said. There were apparently 19 clips and Swifts team only received 11.

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When court resumed about two hours after the scheduled start, the judge did not elaborate on exactly what the hearing was about, though he indicated it did concern some evidence. "It's been hard on my family and hard on my friends", Mueller said.

"I want to clear my name", he added.

Mueller is seeking up to $3 million in damages. The former radio personality sighed several times during Baldridge's intense cross-examination and at one point snapped, "Can you please stop interrupting me?"

Her typical strategy has been to write "a nasty song about the person", said Howard Bragman, the founder of Hollywood PR firm Fifteen Minutes.

Baldridge peppered Mueller with question after question, forcing Mueller to acknowledge some things in the case that could prove unfavorable to his reputation.

Eight jurors were selected Monday with Swift looking on in the courtroom, a court employee confirmed to AFP. She then wrote on a yellow Post-It note and passed it to one of her attorneys sitting across the table.

Mueller said he drew that conclusion because Swift didn't welcome him into the photograph and paid more attention to his girlfriend.

Staring at the photo, Mueller conceded, "I do not know where my hand went".

Baldridge will continue cross examining Mueller on Wednesday.

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