Washington and Jefferson didn't fight to destroy US

Jay Jacobs
August 21, 2017

While George Washington released his slaves upon his death bed, which was definitely too late, cold comfort for everybody and slavery is the original sin in our country that we've been dealing with fitfully- we need to confront more correctly.

Annette Gordon-Reed, a professor of history and law at Harvard who is credited with breaking down the wall of resistance among historians to the idea that Jefferson had a sexual relationship with Sally Hemings, said that the answer to Mr. Trump's hypothetical question about whether getting rid of Lee and Jackson also meant junking Washington and Jefferson was a simple "no".

He said that historical consensus is very different now than when Trump learned it in school decades ago. "Not all of those people were white supremacists, by any stretch". The neo-Nazi group was initially in town to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.

The Lee statue in Charlottesville was erected in 1924, but the city council made a decision to remove it from Emancipation Park (after also renaming the park), noting to many the statues are "painful reminders of the violence and injustice of slavery and other harms of white supremacy that are best removed from public spaces".

"There was a group on this side - you can call them the left, you've just called them the left - that came violently attacking the other group", Trump said. "Our Civil War history is important, but it belongs in textbooks and museums-not a place of allegiance on our Capitol grounds", wrote North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper in a statement posted on Medium. If you can't make a positive case at all for why they should be honored, there's no reason for those statues to be there at all.

"This is not about the personality of an individual and his or her flaws", she said.

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As the fight over the monuments and what they signify continues, other monuments across the country face removal. The Democrat politicians used the Confederate soldiers to fight the Civil War, and now the Democrats are using statues of Confederate soldiers to again push their agenda.

Lee has been portrayed as kindly to slaves, which he was not, and conflicted about which side to fight for, which is inaccurate, Green said.

CNN political commentator Angela Rye said Thursday that statues and monuments to two of America's most prominent Founding Fathers, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, "need to come down".

"Thomas Jefferson, while he may have owned slaves, had nothing to do with the Civil War", Pittsburgh resident Ivan Shaw told CNN. But he noted a similarity sometimes glossed over - ownership of slaves by figures who nobly stand or sit astride horses on USA pedestals - and he asked: If you're going to be pulling down statues, "where does it stop?" By Trump's logic, taking down German monuments to Hitler and Goebbels might lead to the removal of monuments to Immanuel Kant, who expressed racist sentiments in some of his writings. "I'm not giving deference to George Washington or Robert E. Lee", she said. He was a major slave owner!

Bolduan then asked Avlon if the comparison of George Washington to Robert E.Lee was valid. "What we are doing here is polarizing the conversation exactly in the direction that Donald Trump wants", he said. How about Thomas Jefferson, what do you think of Thomas Jefferson? Are we going to take down his statue? Now, are we gonna take down his statue? To him, the removal of statues is "changing history". A torchlight march on Friday was followed by a protest gathering on Saturday that rapidly devolved into violent clashes between white supremacists and counter-protesters. A woman was killed when a man described as a white nationalist crashed his vehicle into the counter-protesters.

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