Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6: Beyond the Wall and more

Jay Jacobs
August 22, 2017

Most of the episode plays off beyond the wall (hence the title) and led to some game-changing consequences, which may or may not have led to some ugly crying.

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There is a scene with Tyrion, Varys and Theon travelling to some place in a ship, making their own way to Casterly Rock from Dragonstone as we see later in the trailer.

As season 7 of Game of Thrones nears its end, the showmakers gave fans the best of what the show is all about.

Though many of our favourite "Game of Thrones" characters made it out alive from beyond the Wall Sunday night, Daenerys suffered one big loss which may cost Westeros dearly in episodes to come.

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On the bright side, Jon Snow and the others found out last night that if you kill one of the White Walker leaders, it seems the rest collapse and die. And we now know the dragons are not even a little bit safe. It's well edited, calling together Jon Snow's seven-man band like the Westerosi Justice League we know (or hope) they are. And since the Night King is really good at throwing spears (??) he launches his into the air, and it pierces Viserion.

RIP Viserion. Although, by next season, we'll probably all be rooting for his death - again - since he'll probably be breathing ice over all of our heroes. FML.

While the King in the North's stupid moment of pride/glory/fright led him to eventually bend the knee to his "Dany", it was also the reason he nearly died himself and helped a dragon join the dark side.

It wasn't a one-location episode though, as some penultimate instalments have been. The Game of Thrones book series is called A Song of Ice and Fire, while Dany is obviously the embodiment of fire, having been reborn in fire in Season 1, the Night King is ice personified.

Taylor revealed that as they were filming the first season, author George R.R. Martin was surprisingly chatty about where the storyline was going to go.

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