Bitcoin for Burgers? A Whopper of a Deal in Russian Federation

Trevor Jackson
August 31, 2017

Burger King has announced they will be giving away free Whoppers to customers who admit they've been fired recently. We're not making this up. You can then spend 1,700 Whoppercoins to buy a Whopper, which works out at one free burger for every five-and-a-bit you buy. "#WhopperSeverance" and Burger King will send you a free burger voucher. Have it your way.

In a weird statement, Ivan Shestov, the communications director of Burger King Russia, likened the currency to an investment opportunity rather than a loyalty scheme. The use of the blockchain technology as the basis for recording loyalty points is a first, to the best of my knowledge. Experts predict a rapid increase in the cost of cryptocurrency. Eating Whoppers now is a strategy for financial prosperity tomorrow, " he said.

Waves Community News said, "Burger King Russia will release an app for the scheme in both the Apple Store and on Google Play next month".

The fast food chain has launched the "WhopperCoin" in Russian Federation.

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People who post "I got fired".

Apparently, if you want a free Burger King Whopper, you can add the following words to your LinkedIn profile: "I Got Fired". Well, Burger King is here to make your day less bleak. The crypto-currency is a stand-alone exchange distinct from Bitcoin, so Burger King will be able to shut down trading if they believe the system is being abused.

The BBC report said Burger King has partnered with crypto-cash start-up Waves to create and run the scheme.

There is no guarantee that McDonald will allow someone to pay for a Big Mac with his or her whoppercoins.

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