Andrew Gillum says an end to DACA would be 'moral stain'

Trevor Jackson
September 1, 2017

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would have to decide whether they're willing to risk angering the most conservative wing of the Republican base by allowing a vote on what some on the right consider an "amnesty" - which would nearly certainly need Democratic votes to pass.

That window could give Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill who are sympathetic to these young, undocumented immigrants some time to come up with a plan before most of the recipients lose their status, said a congressional source familiar with the GOP strategy.

Students at the University of South Florida, where I teach, are buzzing with excitement as they tackle a new fall semester.

Before DACA was introduced, the two groups of children, as you might expect, were diagnosed with these disorders at roughly the same rate.

During his campaign, President Trump pledged to end DACA, calling it an unconstitutional abuse of executive authority. We have to keep the families together.But they have to go.We will work with them. Laura Peniche was brought to the a child and signed up for the DACA program. She drives them to the grocery store and medical appointments.

Gov. Jay Inslee says Washington may try to defend DACA in court if the president doesn't, but the state's legal options depend on what Trump does next. You know, can we sponsor this employee for permanent residency through employment?

"What we have to do is figure out how to have a humane solution to this very legitimate, honest problem, and respect the rule of law", Ryan said. They're not individuals who do unskilled labor.

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"Congress needs to act now to find a legislative solution for Dreamers who for years have been stuck in limbo", said Congressman Denham.

What if a company doesn't realize its employee's DACA authorization expired, or looks the other way?

But it's also possible that the president might order permits to be rescinded right away or that DACA beneficiaries - and their parents - be put into deportation proceedings. Getting a work permit allowed her to secure a better-paying job, Ms. Fernandez said.

Fox News is reporting Thursday that Trump is expected to repeal the program any day.

There is a reason that the American Psychological Association has called on the President to preserve DACA - they know what I know, that the psychological effect of ending DACA would be devastating. Now she is working full-time and also pursuing graduate studies.

"America will not be safer or richer by depriving almost one million young people of their liberty and livelihood, or robbing the US economy of $460 billion in GDP".

It would be more hard for ICE to find DACA recipients who are working with expired authorizations, since these workers are spread across a wide range of industries and professions.

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