Apple's 2017 flagship will officially be called iPhone X not iPhone 8?

Lynne Hanson
September 4, 2017

"This year, Apple's big reveal is at a new location: the 1,000-people Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, the company's brand-new 'spaceship' headquarters in Cupertino, California", reports CNET senior editor Scott Stein. The iPhone 8 moniker will go to the device formerly known as the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7 Plus will launch as the iPhone 8 Plus. So, the upcoming edition of the iPhone 8 is believed to dubbed as iPhone 10, instead of iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition.

Apple and Accenture have joined hands to help businesses build better applications for iOS, the operating system that powers Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Apple's flagship tenth anniversary iPhone will be called the iPhone X, with two other new models based on last year's handsets dubbed the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The stage is all set for the unveiling of the most revolutionary iPhone to be sold till date on September 12. It will possibly be called the iPhone X, which will mark 10 years of Apple's smartphone. The anniversary iPhone is very likely to break the $1,000 price limit, but despite becoming one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, analysts still expect it to be the most successful iPhone in history.

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Three new products will show on September 12, cupertinos theatre of a name of Steve jobs.

The iPhone 8 is going to be the highlight of the event [VIDEO].

iPhone X moniker seems the most reasonable option. After all, Apple will want to celebrate the decade edition of iPhone. The new iPhone 8 is said to come with AR capabilities and facial recognition that could be supported by its rumored 3D-sensing front camera. Capital Research Global Investors now owns 29,449,961 shares of the iPhone maker's stock valued at $4,241,383,000 after buying an additional 3,845,363 shares during the last quarter. For the event's formal schedule, it takes place at 1 p.m. EDT (10 a.m. PDT) on September 12.

Rumors are swirling about how much of a redesign the iPhone will receive and what new features will be revealed. The iPhone 8 will have a major design overhaul.

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