South Korea says quake in North Korea artificial, suggesting possible nuclear test

Trevor Jackson
September 5, 2017

Republican senator Ben Sasse is taking aim at Donald Trump's perspective on global trade, characterizing it as dated and out-of-touch, following reports that the president is considering withdrawing from a free trade deal with South Korea.

Calls are also mounting in the South for Seoul to build nuclear weapons of its own to defend itself as nuclear-armed North Korea's missile stand-off with the U.S. escalates.

It added that Trump provided his "conceptual approval" of South Korea's purchase of American military equipment worth billions of dollars, without adding further details. The North has undertaken a steady stream of missile tests, including launching a missile over Japan this week, an incident that drew strong condemnations from the United States and its allies, including South Korea.

"The two leaders agreed to the principle of revising the missile guideline to a level desired by South Korea, sharing the view that it was necessary to strengthen South Korea's defense capabilities in response to North Korea's provocations and threats", South Korea's presidential Blue House said.

North Korea fired a Hwasong-12 missile on August 29 capable of carrying a nuclear payload that traveled almost 2,700 kilometers into the Pacific and triggered alert warnings as it flew over Japan's northern island of Hokkaido. Pacific Command and South Korea's defense minister, a Pacom spokeswoman said.

South Korea says quake in North Korea artificial, suggesting possible nuclear test

Both the leaders have agreed during the conversation that South Korea's military arsenal would have to be strengthen in a bid to equip the nation better, to deal with the constant threat from Kim Jong Un-led North Korea.

However, after a long-range rocket test by North Korea in 2012, Seoul managed to negotiate the near three-fold increase in the range limit to 800 kilometers, putting North Korean military facilities which were previously out of range within reach, as well as parts of China and Japan.

The quake, if confirmed to be a nuke experiment, would be the latest in a recent series of the communist state's provocations, including its two tests of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in July.

Yonhap added that the two leaders reaffirmed the need to bring Pyonyang back to the dialogue table by applying maximum sanctions and pressure.

N. Korea Close to Long Range Missile Capability
Responding to a question, Mattis said North Korea could do something like that (nuclear test) on relatively short notice. In a rare move, South Korea's military released footage of its own missile tests that were conducted last week.

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