Nintendo to bring back the NES Classic in 2018

Lynne Hanson
September 14, 2017

It has so far achieved success probably beyond Nintendo's expectations and we are seeing many new games coming to this platform. This includes familiar titles like "Super Mario", "Donkey Kong", "Metroid", "Mega Man", "Pac-Man", and "The Legend of Zelda". The prices reached seriously high levels on E-bay and the like and Nintendo never managed to get enough minis to satisfy the demand. NES mini featured 30 games without the ability to expand the list. The company has also announced that it is increasing the shipments of the upcoming Super NES Classic Edition, which is set to begin shipping on september 29. The package also included one original controller with a short cable and not much more.

Nintendo plans to extend production of the SNES Classic until next year because of the consistently increasing clamor of the fans for the company to make more.

In order to meet the insatiable demand for the SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo announced this week that it will ship the retro console into 2018 rather than ceasing shipments at the end of the year, as was previously the plan.

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And when the retro console does launch, Nintendo's president said buyers shouldn't have to pay more than the $79.99 retail price. According to Fils-Aime, the problem with manufacturing more consoles can not be traced to a shortage of any single component.

Specifics about the re-release aren't yet known, but overseas Nintendo said it is planning new shipments for the northern hemisphere summer.

As an indication of its planned supply, Nintendo said that the number of SNES Classic Edition consoles shipped on launch day in the U.S. will be higher than the total number of NES Classic Editions shipped. "More information will be shared in the future".

However, Nintendo has just confirmed that the production of the NES Classic Mini was going to resume very soon.

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