Pyongyang threatens U.S. with 'Greatest Pain'

Trevor Jackson
September 14, 2017

Noting that oil is the lifeblood of North Korea's effort to build and deliver a nuclear weapon, Haley said the resolution reduces nearly 30 per cent of oil provided to North Korea by cutting off over 55 per cent of its gas, diesel, and heavy fuel oil.

The U.S. has signaled its impatience with the United Nations process of talks and sanctions which appear to have done nothing to curtail the pace of North Korea's weapons development program.

The position of Beijing is vital on this issue, because approximately 90 percent of North Korean trade goes through China, which is also North Korea's main source of fuel.

They will have to discuss what a peace treaty would look like to conclude the Korean war, diplomatic recognition of Pyongyang, security guarantees, economic engagement and perhaps even in the long run the departure of United States forces. This reconfirms that the two sides have converged on the idea of the "double freeze", by which North Korea would suspend its nuclear weapon and missile tests and South Korea and the USA would suspend their large-scale military exercises.

Haley has called the proposal insulting.

"We think it's a big mistake to underestimate this Russia, China initiative", Nebenzia said.

There was new political language in the resolution urging "further work to reduce tensions so as to advance the prospects for a comprehensive settlement". It said the USA would pay a heavy price if the sanctions proposed by Washington are adopted.

His business has already been harmed by worsening US-North Korea ties: a boat load of American tourists headed to the country had to be canceled after Washington banned its citizens from visiting North Korea.

"The next measures to be taken by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will bring to the United States the greatest pain and suffering that has not been tested in the past", the statement said.

Public sector pay cap to be lifted
This was due to remain in place until 2019/20 , but ministers have announced they are ready to show "flexibility" for next year. He added: "Public sector workers have suffered seven long years of real pay cuts, and are thousands of pounds worse off".

"This is a compromise in order to get everybody on board", French UN Ambassador Francois Delattre said of the draft ahead of the vote. Almost 80 percent of the textile exports went to China.

The resolution draft composed by the United States would cut off North Korea's supply of crude oil, ban North Korean workers from being employed overseas, freeze the overseas assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and authorize the interdiction and search of suspicious North Korean vessels in the open seas.

Chinese gasoline exports to the North fell sharply - to just 120 tons in July, compared to 8,262 tons in June - following a decision by China's state-owned oil company, China National Petroleum Corporation, to cut sales due to concerns that North Korea is too high a credit risk.

The US had originally sought a total ban on all oil and natural gas exports to North Korea, but the watered-down version sets caps on energy supplies to North Korea.

Visitors to North Korea say the airline has diversified into new markets in recent months, including cigarettes and fizzy drinks, a taxi fleet and petrol stations in North Korea.

"The world has received North Korea's latest message loud and clear: this regime has signaled its contempt for its neighbors, for all members of the United Nations, and for minimum standards of acceptable global behavior", Trump said in the August 29 written statement.

The resolution also requires those inspections to be done with the consent of the countries where the ships are registered, which opens the door to violations.

This was the product of negotiations with China, the key player here and North Korea's main trading partner, as well as with Russian Federation and the other Security Council members. "I don't think the USA will compromise unless crude oil is included in some form", the senior official from the United Nations said. North Korea was condemned globally for conducting its sixth nuclear test since 2006 on September 3.

Since 2008, photographer Eric Lafforgue ventured to North Korea six times.

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