Swearingen Likes State Budget; Senate Debating

Lynne Hanson
September 17, 2017

The Senate must pass an identical document before it can go to Gov. Scott Walker's desk.

Democrats are beginning their attack on the budget focusing on a proposal to eliminate the prevailing wage, a move opposed by construction unions.

Debate began more than two months after the budget was supposed to have been taken effect on July 1.

The budget is 11 weeks overdue and three GOP senators were threatening to vote against it, but it finally passed after some last minute promises and a phone call from Walker, who is now overseas on a trade mission. Fitzgerald emerged from the meeting saying he still doesn't have the votes. Republicans had been one vote shy of that entering the day as four senators had expressed objections that they said precluded them from voting for the plan.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says the Assembly will not return to act on the budget after it passes it Wednesday.

Democrats have assailed the budget as a missed opportunity that benefits the wealthy since it would cut income taxes primarily paid by high earners but not reduce income taxes across the board or for poor working families as Walker had urged.

The Republican governor was in South Korea on a trade mission at the time of the vote but pledged to sign the incentives package into law soon.

Walker said on Wednesday he would be fine with moving up repeal of the prevailing wage from September 2018 to January 1 or earlier.

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Walker says he would also be OK with additional reforms at the state Department of Transportation.

Foxconn says it also plans to "make use of the extensive supply chain in the state".

Both ideas have been floated by Republican senators as necessary changes to secure their votes.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has said he wants to vote on the budget on Friday but doesn't have the votes.

Walker told reporters earlier Wednesday he would sign off on last-minute budget changes speeding up repeal of the prevailing wage.

Final sign-off by the Assembly sends the measure to the project's lead champion, Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Democrats don't have the votes to stop it. A vote is expected by the late-night hours.

Walker, who is gearing up to run for a third term next year, also defended the proposed budget plan, saying it fulfills his goals of increasing funding for K-12 schools without increasing property taxes.

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