Cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation finally launches

Janie Parker
September 19, 2017

"We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected."

Over on Reddit, users noticed that Xbox Live gamertags were appearing in matches whilst playing the game on PS4. The problem is, even for games like Minecraft and Rocket League that offer cross-play between PC, Xbox One, Nintendo systems, and mobile phones, Sony nearly never wants to play along.

The users who noticed the cross platform play uploaded screenshots of the different gamertags (PlayStation Network accounts can not have spaces in them) and then a father-and-son duo posted a picture of them playing Fortnite side-by-side on the two consoles. I'd be all in for system exclusive games if multi-platform titles had cross-network features. How were people able to differentiate between an Xbox gamertag and a PSN name?

So far, Epic Games has yet to confirm or deny that it has implemented cross-console play in Fortnite.

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It was effectively the first time in which cross-play between the two platforms was enabled in a publicly released game.

The cross-console connection became apparent because of a little-known naming convention between the two consoles: Microsoft's Xbox Live allows players to use spaces in their online handle, while Sony's PlayStation Network does not. While Microsoft is up for it, Sony remained cold to the prospect as of spring 2016.

KitGuru Says: Cross-platform play between Xbox One and PS4 makes the most sense, which is why it's so odd that Sony is so opposed to it but open to cross-play with PCs.

That's unwelcome news for PS4 players who want to game with their friends on Xbox.

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