Super Mario Run Gets Big Update And 50% Discount

Lynne Hanson
September 26, 2017

The update is expected to arrive on Friday, 29th September - and if you haven't got the game yet it will be half price for two weeks.

Super Mario Run's new game mode coming in the September 29th update is called Remix 10 and will provide the key to rescuing and unlocking Daisy. Daisy will be Super Mario Run's seventh playable character, not counting the Yoshi color variations. Although it was successful in its first few months compared to many mobile games, it didn't become a major contributor to Nintendo's bottom line.

In addition to the above, there will be a new mode called Remix 10.

Super Mario Run came to iOS earlier this year to great fanfare, but since then interest in the game has waned. In this mode, players will be tested with ten short, random sections from existing levels, which should offer tons of replay value, considering each time the sections will change.

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However, in order to play as the new character and add her in the roster, "Super Mario Run" players will have to rescue the princess first. World Star can be unlocked after completing the six worlds that are in the base game.

Super Mario Run was an exciting prospect for smartphone gamers in several different ways. By halving the price and including new content for fans, it's cementing the fact that there's plenty to do and a small price to pay to do it going forward, which should bolster Nintendo's mobile plans going into the holidays, ahead of the launch of Super Mario Odyssey.

Here's a cute final flourish for you - the update also allows you to play the game while playing your favorite music in the background, and when you do, Mario and his friends will wear headphones. But the Italian plumber in red and blue has also branched out from Nintendo exclusivity by becoming a star in mobile gaming.

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