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Jay Jacobs
September 28, 2017

If you've played prior DICE games, you know what to expect: Assault class comes with mid-range weapons and explosives, Heavy carries the big guns, Specialists hold the traps, and Officers command and deploy turrets. That includes a huge roster of 18 maps spread over all three Star Wars eras.

For those interested in just playing offline, "Star Wars Battlefront 2" will also have a new Arcade mode, which is playable in solo or in split-screen so that a second player can join co-op or in versus battles. Teamed up with AI-controlled allies, you'll arm yourself with your favorite assortment of weapons and abilities, carefully tailoring your loadout for the battle ahead.

For more information on the new Arcade mode and the upcoming launch of Star Wars Battlefront II jump over to the official PlayStation blog via the link below. There's also a look at some of the vehicles players will be able to command, with the roster being much larger than Star Wars Battlefront. With each match, you gain in-game credits to use for purchasing Crates, which contain valuable Star Cards, or skills, to use in combat. And thanks to a series of Challenges, you'll always have a new goal to strive for and new bonuses to earn.

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Throughout the trailer, Boyega makes a pretty compelling pitch that Battlefront II has corrected numerous issues that fans had with the first title.

Star Wars Battlefront II is about to open the beta servers floodgates, with pre-order customers getting access to the test from October 6th on all platforms.

You can try out Arcade during the beta next week. Starfighter Assault will offer up Star Wars spaceships to allow for massive, objective-based space battles. See for details.

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