Egypt's special envoy to the reconciliation arrives in Gaza

Trevor Jackson
October 5, 2017

Amidst the pressure from Washington and Tel Aviv, the state of national unity provides an opportunity for Abbas-led Palestinian Authority to redraw the boundaries of any future negotiations for the statehood of Palestine.

"The Egyptians are going to try to make sure the parties get down to the dirty details", Odeh said. His job was filled by another policeman, hired by the Hamas administration.

Hamas had previously demanded that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas halt a series of measures taken against the movement before sitting down to discuss reconciliation. "But of course, long term political issues also need to be addressed".

In Gaza City, a new round of reconciliation talks has emerged between Hamas and the government. In an interview with the Egyptian TV station CBC, Abbas stressed on disarmament: "Everything must be in the hands of the Palestinian Authority, it must be the one to control the crossing points (in and out of Gaza)".

Hamas officials reject the possibility of disarming. "We await the first steps on the ground".

In a new effort towards reconciliation between the Fatah leadership on the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza, meetings are now being held between the parties in Gaza.

The meeting of the government, which is based in the occupied West Bank, comes as part of moves to end a decade-long split between the PA and the Hamas movement, which runs Gaza.

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The West Bank and the Gaza Strip have been politically divided since 2007, when Hamas wrested control of Gaza from Fatah, ending a short-lived unity government established after Hamas swept the 2006 legislative elections that were ultimately rejected by Fatah, Israel and the global community. "There is a government that is taking care of water, electricity, garbage", Issacharoff said, adding "But the ones that are in charge of the security issues and the military issues, that will be Hamas just like Hezbollah in Lebanon". They have already made it clear that they do not intend to lay down their arms and will remain active.

Since Hamas took over Gaza after violent clashes in 2007, there have been several failed attempts at reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas. "The organizations in Gaza needs to relinquish their weapons".

"We are here to turn the page on division, restore the national project to its correct direction and establish the (Palestinian) state", said Hamdallah, in his opening remarks on Tuesday. This time around, at least for the moment, Liberman is keeping quiet.

He also urged an immediate lifting of the Israeli and Egyptian blockade on Gaza and an end to Israel's collective punishment of Palestinians in the enclave.

TRT World's Nicole Johnston has more.

"We shall build here thousands of housing units" and add industrial zones, Netanyahu said during a visit to the Maaleh Adumim settlement of 37,000 people.

Abbas has tried numerous times without success to fix the rift, in part to counter Israeli assertions that peace negotiations are pointless because he can't ensure that any treaty will also hold in Gaza. "It really feels like this is the last chance".

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